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We are Christians who love God and serve one another. We worship together as one body in both English and Spanish. We invite you to join us!
Somos cristianos que amamos a Dios y servimos los unos a los otros. Como sólo un cuerpo adoramos juntos en los dos idiomas del inglés y español. ¡Le invitamos a asistirse con nosotros!

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Archaeological Report from Israel

Luke Chandler will make a presentation this Sunday evening (Aug. 17th) on the archaeological excavation at the biblical city of Lachish. He and others members of North Terrace worked at the Tel Lachish excavation this summer. See what was discovered in this biblical city and how it can illuminate our understanding of ancient Israel. There will be time for questions and answers. The presentation begins at 5:30pm. All are welcome!


Friday March 06 2015

Old Testament: Num 1 Num 1

(Daily Reading, ESV)